Why the Gorilla?

The Greatest Apes

Since they brought us so much inspiration, it is now our duty is to share their message and give them our help, that is why we are donating 10% of ticket sales to these mighty creatures, meaning all festival ticket holders will automatically support the International Gorilla Conservation program.

So just by attending, dancing and enjoying some of the best music in the most beautiful beach in Croatia you will help support a noble cause and help these magnificent creatures strive again.

We have a natural-sized gorilla sculpture to help us share their urgent message.


The author of this magnificent sculpture is an amazing Croatian artist, Marina Stoponja, and she was more than excited to lend us her creation for the festival.

Together, we can make a difference for gorillas and their ecosystems. 

Mountain gorillas are an endangered species of great ape. They are a subspecies of eastern gorillas, and as their name implies, they live in the high mountains at elevations of 8,000 to 13,000ft.

Mountain gorillas are incredibly social primates, generally living in family groups led by one dominant silver back male. They play an important role in the ecosystem because of their diet; they are predominantly plant-based and large-scale grazers of vegetation. Without mountain gorillas, their local environment will be negatively impacted from a disbalance in the food chain.

They have only this one home, a network of parks crossing the borders of Rwanda, Uganda, and the DRC. The International Gorilla Conservation Program acts as steward to a legacy of collaborative and inclusive conservation, contributing to the protection of this place and the gorillas who depend on it.

In the 1980s, it was believed that less than 400 mountain gorillas remained worldwide. At such a precariously low number, the survival of the species was in doubt. Thanks to conservation efforts over the ensuing decades, that number has risen to just over a thousand. There is hope for the future of the mountain gorillas, but they continue to face many serious threats including habitat loss, disease, poaching, and civil unrest.

IGCP has maintained a constant effort over the decades, innovating and adapting its approach to effectively support the conservation of mountain gorillas at the population and transboundary landscape levels, working to backstop and enhance the capacity of individuals and institutions across international borders.

You can also support the gorillas and our project through our crowdfunding campaign here.