2024 Apes are growing some bananas...stay tuned

The banana beach

Everything you need to know

About the festival

The ultimate ape experience...

When is this festival?

PACHAKUTIQ 2024 will take place from the 1st September till 4th September

Where is this festival?

In Croatia on a beautiful beach called Kamenica on island Vis in a small town of Komiza.

In Komiza you have everything you need to spend as much time as you wish accommodation, restaurants, supermarkets, boats and beautiful one of a kind beaches and festivals...you will not want to leave.

Anywhere from Komiza you have 5 to 10 min walking to the beach where the festival is.

How do I get there?

From wherever you are travelling from, either by plane or car your first stop will be Split a big coastal city with an airport, Uber, buses and ferries.

The ferry will take you to island Vis arriving at the port also named Vis, from there you will take a short bus ride around 20min to the other side of the island called Komiza.

Which is where you want to be...

What about accommodation?

There is plenty of accomodation in the town of Komiza and the other side of the island called Vis. You can choose from a 4-star hotel to Airbnb apartments.

If you are an adventurer who packed a tent, or you are coming with a camper van, please be respectful of nature, the local people and their land, clean up and don’t leave anything behind.

How much is the ticket and where can I buy it?

The 2024 Pachakutiq tickets will be available to buy from January/2024

Why the Gorilla?

With its fierce energy and big heart, our `Pachakutiq` gorilla is the perfect inspiration and symbol of the unstoppable force born from love, art and music coming all together to make something great.

The author of this magnificent sculpture is a famous Croatian artist Marina Stoponja and she was more then excited to lend us her creation for the festival. If you would like to know more about the gorillas check out our `Why the gorilla` page.

We are donating 10% of ticket sales to these mighty creatures, so all festival ticket holders will automatically support the International Gorilla Conservation program.